WGS National Baccalaureate



At Wood Green School, ‘Excellence’ means achieving the best outcomes in students’ learning but also excellence in wider aspects such as extra-curricular activities and being a caring citizen. We ensure that a Wood Green student receives a rounded education which develops personal skills and those tested in formal examinations. We wish to recognise the full range of our students’ achievements and learning experiences including academic qualifications and personal development. With a growing group of like-minded schools, we are developing a Wood Green National Baccalaureate that, if completed successfully, demonstrates that a student has achieved their academic potential and personal development goals.

Our National Baccalaureate consists of the following components:

  • Academic Qualifications

  • Completing a significant personal project, requiring research skills, communication skills and the ability to persevere to complete a longer piece of work.

  • Completing a Personal Development programme that consists of:

                    Community service and citizenship


                    Cultural awareness

                    Creative development

                    Leadership development

From September 2016, all Year 12 students will undertake a Wood Green National Baccalaureate. This will also be trialled with Year 9 students. The personal project in the 6th Form will be the EPQ Award, which is equivalent to an AS level. For all ages the personal project is an opportunity for students to explore a real passion.

We encourage students to develop themselves out of school as well as in, and we are happy to accredit all achievements within the Baccalaureate.

We are excited to be developing this approach at Wood Green and to be working with schools around the country committed to valuing a truly broad education. For more information about the National Baccalaureate movement, please click here.